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I'm Hugh Fisher. If you are French, Chinese, Indian, or otherwise among the majority of the world's population for whom the spelling of my name makes no sense, I also answer to Hugo.

I started on the 'Net back in the early 1990s, when it was common to use an online handle instead of your real name. (Blame cyberpunk.) Laranzu is from the Darkover book series by Marion Zimmer Bradley and means a psionic sorceror (male). The laranzu and leroni in Darkover build imaginary towers in an overworld only they can enter and manipulate, which seemed pretty close to what I did as a computer system administrator and 3D graphics programmer.

Welcome to my web page. Here are displayed various things I've created: drawings, computer programs, and a bit of fiction. You're free to down load them, and I'd love to hear from you what you think of each.

The Full Thrust pages are various ships, rules, and odds and ends for the excellent GZG game of that name.

Stuff About Sheep will introduce you to the little-known world of strange and diabolical sheep, also inspired by GZG.

The 3D Graphics and Virtual Reality has short reports, guides, and lecture notes about, well, 3D graphics and VR.

I occasionally create short CGI animations using various programming languages and graphics APIs.

Under pictures you will find various drawings, photos, and combinations thereof.

The writings page has reviews, fiction, and opinions.

I write roleplaying adventures and background material.

The ATXF page is historical now. You remember a TV series called the X Files? The Australian newsgroup was quite an active online community, and I'm still friends with some of the people I met through it. Back in those days, I wrote X Files fan fiction and the occasional book or episode review.

You can email me
laranzu AT ozemail DOT com DOT au