3D Graphics and Virtual Reality

The first 3D program I write for any new platform is a spinning cube, which I regard as the graphical equivalent of "Hello, World". So when web browsers started supporting the new 3D standard WebGL came out I naturally wrote a spinning cube in WebGL.

Images in 3D Graphics are the guest lecture notes I wrote about the use of 2D images in 3D graphics. It's meant to be a brief introduction for students who've done some 2D programming with raster graphics.

Introduction to VR Program Design gives an overview of what is required to convert regular 3D interactive program code for Virtual Reality. Easier than you might think.

Procedural 3D Graphics in RenderMan work in progress on some tutorials for generating CGI from Python using Pixar RenderMan.

My networked collaboration report that I wrote when I worked in the ACSYS/CSIRO Virtual Environments Lab.

I wrote an analysis and discussion of the user interfaces in the film Johnny Mnemonic for the SciFiInterfaces web site. Here are the two important cyberspace scenes from the film, lightly edited to focus on the user interface elements.
Cyberspace search
Bulletin board

A piece of history: GPU shaders written in assembler language

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