Full Thrust

Full Thrust is an excellent set of rules for miniature spaceship combat by Ground Zero Games. It's simple, fast, and fun; ideal for those times when I'm tired of roleplaying and just want to blow the daylights out of my fellow gamers.

But once I got started, my compulsion to create things took over and I found myself designing new ships and now new rules.

On the rules page you can find my rulebook Full Thrust: Cross Dimensions and other ideas.

I've built up a set of symbols for creating SSDs with Adobe Illustrator, which you can download here. The Symbols are all the individual systems used in Full Thrust, the Templates are SSD frames in a range of sizes ready to be filled in. The latest Templates version is 1.1, with a new half height SSD template.

Symbols.ai Symbols.svg Symbols.png
Templates.ai Templates.svg Templates.png

If you think another format would be useful, email me and I'll see what I can do.

My first fleet is the NAC Outworld Command. I'm trying to create some new ship designs which are different but still recognisably NAC, much like US navy warplanes compared to the US air force. They're also meant to be interesting to play, but not super optimised.

Fleet Book Babylon 5 is my translation of B5 warships into Full Thrust.

A Culture GCU for Full Thrust.

Inspired by Zoe Brains description of the intelligent dolphins in the Oceanic Union, here are Orca in the NAC.

At the 2005 Canberra Games Convention (CanCon) I ran a Full Thrust: Babylon 5 scenario for new players that seemed to work well.

Full Thrust and related material is copyright JM Tuffley and Ground Zero Games. Nothing on this web site is intended to challenge any copyrights or trademarks held by them.

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