Roleplaying Games

Because I'm old, this is all about tabletop or freeform roleplaying games. Not computer.

I began roleplaying in the late 1970s, trying to figure out the original Advanced Dungeons & Dragons books. I wasn't a participant in some of the very first freeforms being played in the early 1980s, although I was at the same conventions and heard about what was going on during the lunch breaks. So when I start talking about "back in my day" that's a really long time ago.

While I've played and GM'ed a lot of different systems over the years, my best writing has been Paranoia single sessions for Canberra conventions, Cancon and more recently Phenomenon. (Although given the nature of the Paranoia setting and what happens to the player characters, an aptitude for designing these is perhaps somewhat disturbing.) I do have Plans to put these online eventually.

Transhuman Space

Being a science fiction fan, I'm very interested in the Transhuman Space setting and material created by Steve Jackson Games. I wrote Transhuman Space: First Contact? about possible alien encounters.

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