X Files fan fiction and other silliness

Welcome to my ATXF page. These are my humble contributions to the virtual reality that we of the newsgroup aus.tv.x-files inhabit.

This is the script for the Australian X File episode Fuggly. First shown on ATXF, the script stored here is the directors cut with minor edits and a name change. It was broadcast internationally on alt.tv.x-files.creative in March 1996.

Plus there is the ATXF/X-Files/Hercules&Xena crossover script Trevor, Warrior Philosopher
Very silly and likely to only make sense to ATXF regulars...although I've been told that other people still enjoy it.

You will no doubt have noticed that my friend Ingrid Jakobsen has a major role in each story. There is a simple reason: it's all her fault :-) She introduced me to Fuggly and asked if he could appear in an ATXF conspiracy, and she created the characters of Trevor the Warrior Philosopher and the Valkyrie Ingrid.

Dr Jakobsen is currently keeping a low profile in a position at the University of Queensland, with connections to both the UQ Institute of Molecular Bioscience and the Advanced Computational Modelling Centre. The possibilities are intriguing...

I have also come up with the Raptor - ET Hypothesis which explains why aliens look the way they do and are so compatible with terrestrial life.

This is a review of the rather unusual "Deny All Knowledge": Reading the X-Files. Not your regular book about a TV series.

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