I write about stuff I'm interested in, from TV shows to games to science fiction. Often it's just to work through ideas and clarify my thinking. Occasionally I am paid for articles published in magazines, so while I'm not a professional writer, I can say that I'm capable of writing to professional standards. Other times I just think I have something amusing or interesting to say, but nobody would pay to read it, so it ends up here.

Jean Bart BB-EM-UCAV is a design study for a modern battleship with Gauss guns and drones.

Fiction related

Why the Great Houses of the Dune Imperium fight the way they do is my attempt to explain one of the many unique aspects of the Dune books by Frank Herbert.

Prometheus. It has problems. This is what I'd do for the director's cut

An Ecological Study of Ripley's Alien is what happens if you are trying to write a paper (journal article for those who aren't living in the academic world) and decide to watch all your Alien series DVDs.

I also wrote some less than serious X Files Fan Fiction.

Behind the Scenes was my entry in the Wil Wheaton/John Scalzi fanfic contest

CJ Cherryh is one of my favourite science fiction authors. Many years ago there was a boardgame based on the conflict between Earth Company, Maziani, and Union that forms the backdrop to most of her Alliance/Union stories. The game included an article about the history and background which I've reformatted for the web. Strongly recommended to other fans.

Computer related

The need for One Frickin' User Interface for Linux.

At one time I'd have said urgent need, but Linux is well and truly deadlocked when it comes to GUIs and the situation I rant about here hasn't changed in years.

Linux is for Wizards, Macintosh for Artists, and Windows for Muggles.

Which operating system is best for different types of people and in particular why software developers of all sorts need to learn Linux.

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