Mac vs TeX

Macintosh: The Solution To TEX Problems

TEX, if you've never encountered it, is a document formatting language from the days before graphic screens and word processors, complete with its own set of bitmapped fonts. I thought that it was about as much fun as writing troff macros, but computer scientists liked it. Worse still, they expected me to like it! So I sketched this little poster to let them know what my feelings on the subject were.

Update 2008: LaTex has caught up with the DTP revolution and newer versions generate PDF files using native PostScript fonts. Plus Richard Koch and his team created a spendid Macintosh version, TeXShop. I actually like LaTex now.

This is your brain...

Brain/Brain on Drugs

I heard about this being on T-shirts at the 1995 World Wide Developers Conference, and decided it was so neat that I'd do my own in FreeHand. If you'd like a copy, here it is as a EPSF image. Oh yeah, and remember it's a joke, OK?

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