Emutopia and Kiwiland Graphics

Emutopia and Kiwiland are fictional nations created by YouTuber Perun for a video about Defence Strategy for Small Nations. Since then they have made guest appearances in other videos.

Vector maps (well, outlines) of Emutopia and Kiwiland that can be scaled to any size. Based on data from the Natural Earth website.

Emutopia Kiwiland
Emutopia SVG Kiwiland SVG
Emutopia Microsoft EMF Kiwiland Microsoft EMF
Emutopia plus Tasmania SVG
Emutopia plus Tasmania EMF

The SVG files work with web pages and most graphical applications. The EMF files are for Microsoft PowerPoint which apparently will instantly rasterize and pixilate other formats.

Emutopia in the original video did not include an island shaped like Tasmania. This could be because the equivalent is still resisting the aggressive Emu regime, but I've created a second map if you want Tasmanians to have suffered the same fate as everyone else.

Emutopia banner and motto

This is my suggestion, not Perun, for Emutopian banners, flags, and posters.

Ferocious stylized emu head

The motto that summarizes Emutopian beliefs and values is "All smaller islands are ours!" Since everything sounds more ominous in Latin I asked the community on A Collection of Unmitigated Pedantry for help and commentator Aldarion kindly provided a translation: OMNES SUNTO NOBIS INSULAE MINORES. For best effect should be spoken by James Earl Jones, or with audio reverb turned up to eleven.

Vector art in SVG and EMF format, the left side links just the head without the motto, the right side with.
2023-09-12 Now has the last word in the motto versions

Banner SVG Banner plus motto SVG
Banner Microsoft EMF Banner plus motto EMF

Kiwiland banner and motto

Anyone? Happy to link to your idea, or to host a copy if you don't have a web site of your own.

The original map data and therefore these SVG/EMF maps are Public Domain. You can use them for any purpose without attribution, but if you can please say something nice about the Natural Earth project. It's a fantastic resource.
Banner is Creative Commons CC-BY, so can be used for any purpose but please don't delete my name embedded in the file.

All feedback welcome: laranzu AT ozemail DOT com DOT au

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