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Sheep: Above and Beyond

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack sheep on fire off the shoulder of Orion.
Roy Baaty

Sheep: Above and Beyond is a concept for an exciting new series of science fiction games. (Or roleplaying supplements. Young adult novels. TV miniseries. The author will happily sell out his creative vision for very reasonable amounts of money.)

Battleflock Earth. Humanity has destroyed itself in a nuclear holocaust, and the new civilisations of sheep and squid are slowly restoring the planet. Now they learn that remnants of humanity survived in another system and have returned. Can they defeat the old enemy who ate so many of their ancestors?

The Squid Strike Back. The newly spacefaring squid must do battle in the ocean of space. Can reflexes and instincts tuned by millenia of three-dimensional movement counter the superior technology of the humans?

Starsheep Troopers. The squid can hold their own in space, but dry land and gravity are no place for invertebrates. Only hooves on the ground can end this war, and it is the elite powered armour flocks that lead the way onto human territory.

(Note there are squid as well as sheep. This is because more than half the Earth's surface is water, and for an excuse to link to the wonderful Talking Squids in Outer Space web page by science fiction author Vonda McIntyre.)

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